Sunday, January 15, 2017

Book Review: His Naughty Valentine By Sue Lyndon

Okay, what is more terrifying...someone reading your diary or getting a glimpse at your browser history? If you keep a diary, even there most people sort of self-edit and don't always reveal all their innermost thoughts, in part because they might not even be aware of all their true feelings and desires. 
But, browser history doesn't lie. And neither do those pictures you've downloaded. 

And this, my friends, is what happens to Lacey when her fiance accidentally spills coffee on his laptop and he rushes to use Lacey's laptop to join an online meeting for work. 

Lacey and Kaden have a loving, but rather ordinary, sex life. Lacey wants to tell Kaden about her desire to be spanked and scolded, but she fears his reaction. Things change when Kaden gets a gander at the naughty photos and stories downloaded on Lacey's laptop. 

In true Sue Lyndon style, this is a fun, sexy, steamy book that also includes some role play. 

This is a quick read. Just the thing to get you in the mood for your own hot Valentine's Day. 

Only 99 cents and free for Kindle Unlimited Members. 

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