Thursday, January 19, 2017

Book Review: Infiltrating Her Pack by Dominique Eastwick

Over the last few years I've noticed that shifter books have become incredibly popular. Bears and wolves who transform from human to animal and back again. When I heard about this phenomenon and saw the massive sales of the books, I was confused. I discussed it with my husband. "Do they have sex as wolves or as people?" "Do they both shift or just one?"

Well, I finally got my opportunity to find out more about shifters when I read Infiltrating Her Pack by Dominique Eastwick. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my first shifter experience and I'm looking forward to reading more.

This book is part of the Black Hills Wolves Series, but can easily be read as a stand alone.

Z is an Infiltrator. He works alone and in the shadows. Ripley Greystone's pack doesn't have an Alpha, and a band of scurrilous coyotes (is there any other kind?) knows it. Ripley approaches Drew, the Alpha of the Black Hills Wolves asking to join their pack.

Drew, sensing there's more to the story than Ripley is telling him, sends Z to find out what is really happening with the Greystone pack. They Greystones run a rafting business so Z, as Zames, signs up for an overnight trip. When they meet...they each have a strong reaction to the other. Z realizes that he's met his one true mate while Ripley is suspicious and follows along on the trip.

This was a quick read which kept my interest the whole time. Dominique Eastwick's descriptions pulled me into the whole scene and I felt like I was deep in the woods with wolves and coyotes. There was plenty of action and danger and the sex was potent and raw.

If you're into shifter books or just looking to find out more about the genre, I highly recommend Infiltrating Her Pack.

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  1. Most publishers are super clear: shifters MUST be in human form when they have sex. Otherwise, you're talking about bestiality.

    1. I guess that makes sense. Another thing I hadn't thought about before. So much for me to learn.