Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Review---Motorcycle Master by Maggie Carpenter

Maggie Carpenter's Motorcycle Master (Bad Boy Angel Book One) was an awesome read. The hero and heroine were interesting people with well developed characters and sizzling chemistry. Marco and Kat are both working undercover in a motorcycle gang trying to get to elusive drug lord HH.

What I particularly liked were the twists and turns in the book. With a premise where they are both working undercover (but unknown to the other) I expected that the majority of the book would be the two of them struggling with their desire but conflicted over the fact that they are not really who they say they are. That would have been an interesting book, but predictable.

Motorcycle Master is anything but predictable. Marco and Kat figure out that they are both on the same side early in the story and then work together as partners in and out of the bedroom.

Another twist that I enjoyed was the fact that the leader of the motorcycle gang, ostensibly a bad, bad person, was actually rather likeable and smart. It gave me that weird conflict that I had when watching The Sopranos---"gee, why are people being mean to Tony? Oh, wait, he's a bad man." Kudos to Maggie Carpenter for creating a multi-dimensional bad guy.

At 70,000 words, this is a hefty book that will hold you attention from beginning to end. Steamy sex and spanking, romance and intrigue. Get your copy today.


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