Monday, January 2, 2017

Knitted Stars Pattern

If you're going to have a review site, you need a way to evaluate whatever it is you're reviewing, right? Most places use stars so I decided to do the same, but with my own spin, so to speak.
Isn't that cute? 

 I needed a few more. 

I also thought it looked like a flower, so I tried a variation. I don't like all the white in the center so if I do another flower, I'll use two or more colors in the middle. 

So, how did I make these stars? Because I don't own the pattern, I don't want to reproduce it here. You can go to the original location of the pattern by clicking here. 

Notes on the pattern--I had a lot of trouble ending up with the amount of stitches that I was supposed to have at the end of each increase row. I'm not sure why. I ended up doing extra rounds to add more stitches, as a result, my stars don't have the nice spiral pattern that the ones from the pattern have. 
Also, the pattern calls for making two stars and sewing them together. Since I only want to photograph one side, I decided not to make the additional stars to attach. 

Use double pointed needles to get the center started. 

Each of the points gets worked separately.  

Then work in the ends, sew a second star on the back depending on your planned use and there you go. A knitted star!

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