Saturday, January 14, 2017

Book Review: Cowboy Games by Audrey Randall

Yee-Haw! This was one sexy read! Audrey Randall is a new author for me and this was a fun book.

Lana is a professional gamer (a career path I'd never considered). She and her best friend want to start a camp to teach girls about coding and when another online gamer invites her to Montana to see if his family's ranch would be a good option, she makes the trip.

When she arrives and finds that her host is a 17 year old high school student, she's a little taken aback.

But, it's the high schooler's older brother, Jesse, who takes her breath away.

There were several aspects of this book that I enjoyed. I remember playing Pong and I sucked at it. Yes, I sucked at playing Pong, the world's slowest, simplest video game. And yes, I am that old.

So, the idea of a romance novel that includes professional gamers, international travel for tournaments, and this many joysticks was new and interesting for me.

Cody, the younger brother, is a fun character. He's got a crush on Lana and though he's told his older brother (who owns the ranch due to the death of their parents) that Lana is coming for a visit, he didn't mention that he'd invited her on the pretext that the ranch could be used for the girls' coding camp. He's an endearing character and I can relate to the whole high school crush and trying to compete with his sexy brother for Lana's attention.

The attraction between Lana and Jesse is immediate and scorching hot. Things get complicated when Cody finds out that his brother is using his joystick on Lana.

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  1. My favorite games were PacMan and SpaceInvaders. Lol. Cowboy Games sounds like a great book for millennials.

    1. I remember those too and I wasn't very good at any of them. :)